GGC 2015

We still have 17 spots available for the event in July.  Please visit the tabs above for Information, Registration, Questions and how to Contact Us.  Hope to see you crafty ladies there.  Those that have saved their spots with a deposit, don't forget to pay the remainder by April 3rd.


If interested in getting on the waiting list, message or email me.  I will let you know if spots become available.

Registration is Open!!! GGC 2014

Information on Girls Gone Crafty - please read b/c we have a lot different this year.


Register here:

Contact me if you have anything else:

Can't wait to see ya'll again and maybe meet some new crafty ladies!!

Girls Gone Crafty 2014

Registration will be up by 9AM tomorrow morning for GGC 2014!!

22 days and 12 spots left ...

So if you haven't read the facebook page - here is the update:

So I know it's been awhile and to say things have been crazy is an understatement. I have had quite an eventful month both good and bad. So, I have to make some changes to the event, but I think you all will be pleased. First I will tell you, Nottoway is a beautiful place and no worries we will still be there, but b/c of certain numbers that we have to meet we did not meet the food/beverage minimum and that means I would have to go up on the price for each of you. I don't want to do that, so I have decided that instead I will take out the food cost and allow you all to be on your own for food. Nottoway has a wonderful restaurant and cafe that you can eat in at any time you want eating whatever you please and I know you will all love it!! So with that said the cost of the trip is now $150 instead of $250. For those of you who have paid in full, you will be receiving a refund for those who haven't fully paid, now all you need to do is pay $75 more or those who haven't registered you will pay the $150. Also, the cottages are not being filled with the 6 that is needed for each, so the Plantation has decided to put some of us in the Carriage House, which trust me is just as nice - Okay so hopefully everyone is okay with the change and if anyone has anything they would like to discuss please email me at Also, I hope this helps those who might have been on the fence about coming b/c of the cost! Regardless, I look forward to this event to be a very crafty, creative and relaxing weekend!

Now onto the info you need for this event!

Here you will find the info on the event:

This is the link for Nottoway if you haven't seen it yet:

These are frequently asked questions concerning the event:

If you need to contact me, here is my info:

Payment is due in full by July 1st, I have added options for payments here:

Please send me your roomie and seating requests.

Thanks and can't wait to see you all there!!